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EEJW-19 EEW-19
Amazeme Only For Diamonds

Boys Girls
DOB 6.6.2018
Register number: FI37164/18
black and white, bitch
Height: ca 48 cm
Weight: ca 14 kg
Hips: will be scored
Elbows: will be scored
Shoulders: will be scored
Back: will be scored
Eyes: clear as a puppy
CEA: will be tested
CL: normal by parentage
TNS: normal by parentage
GLAU: will be tested
Sire: Junior
Dam: Meg
Owners: Marjo Halmiala and Säde Korhonen, Masku

Some show results
2.6.2019IDS Tallinna, EstoniaJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, J-CAC, BB1, BOB
EEJW-19 EEW-19
Geoff Blyth, Australia
18.5.2019Nat. RaumaJUN-EXC, placement 2, CQ, BB3, res-CACSimon Rooney, Ireland
31.3.2019IDS LahtiJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB4, CACBilly Henderson, Ireland
23.3.2019IDS Riga, LatviaJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, J-CAC, BB2Inga Cerbule, Latvia
Lyyli at the age of 9 months, photos Amazeme Border Collies and Jaana Pajunen