The news of the years 2008-2017


Vinja (Amazeme Twenty Pence) and Heli competed last weekend in agility and they did a great clean run winning the course at the same time. This win gave them a jumping-CAC. This was their first one but surely not the last. Huge congratulations to Vinja and Heli!


It feels like I am repeating myself a week after day. Lasst weekend we got once again some very nice results in both agility and rally-obedience. This time it was Super's daughters' turn to show their skills. On Saturday Elli (Amazeme Assyrian Queen) and Jenni competed in agility and got their very first clean run winning the course. Huge congratulations to Jenni and Elli! The same day another daughter of Super, Lova (Amazeme Foxtrot Lady) and Jonna got their third passing score in Open class of rally-obedience and thus obtained RTK2-title. Congratulations to Jonna and Lova for the newest title! In the photo Lova is playing with her toy she got as a prize. The photo has been taken by Jonna Manninen.


Last weekend Lynn (Amazeme Raspberry Hills) competed for the first time in agility and got two results. Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) and Mimmu competed for the first time in rally-obedience and they got a passing score with 89 points out of 100. Congratulations to Mimmu for this excellent result and to Tuija for very nice courses with Lynn!

We also participated at international dog show Turku on Saturday with very nice results. Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went 3rd Best of Males and Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) went 4th Best of Bitches with res-CAC and res-CACIB. Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled) got instead 'VG' but Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne), Senna (Heaven's Dust Of Bordertreowe), Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains), and Kiia (Story Goes Queen Of Hearts) got excellent. Särmä won her class and Senna went 4th Best in Open class. Jäbä went 3rd Best in Champion class, and Kiia 4th Best in Veteran class. Our breeder group was BOB Breeder. Congratulations to all for these very nice results!


The end of the year 2017 brought us some very nice results. Jaana and Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) competed twice in rally-obedience and they got a passing score from both courses. Congratulations to Jaana and Liz! They also did a clean run in agility! Also Johanna and Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) got a passing score in open class of rally-obedience and obtained RTK2-title. Congratulations to Johanna and Luka! Well done! In the end of November we had a two days show in Tampere. On Saturday Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountain) went BOS and his "lil'" brother, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went 3rd Best of Males and got a CAC. On Sunday Ukko received one more CAC by being again 3rd Best of Males. Congratulations to Säde and Pekka for your excellent results!

In the beginning of December we had three CACIB show in Helsinki. All of them were so called "title shows". On Friday it was Helsinki Winner 2017 -show and the best result of the day Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) took care by being once again 3rd Best of Males and received a 10th Finnish certificate! We got other excellent results as well but this one was the best. On Saturday it was Nordic Winner 2017 -show and we got mostly 'VG' except Siru, Kiia and Ronja. The latest went BOB and BOB VET! This means that Ronja obtained two new titles, NORDW-17 and NORDVW-17! Huge congratulations to Tuija for this beautiful result! On Sunday it was Finnish Winner 2017 -show and it was the best day for our team as Ukko went 2nd Best of Males with a CACIB and Nemo 3rd Best of Males. But this was not all as Särmä went 2nd Best of Bitches with CAC, Super 3rd Best of Bitches (she also was BOB VET with FIVW-17 title) and Kiia 4th Best of Bitches. Our breeder group went BOB Breeder! Thank you all for this wonderful weekend!

The beginning of this year has been very promising. Me and Brie competed in open class of obedience and got 2nd prize.

Last weekend there were the first shows of the year and our team did rather good. At group show Lahti Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) went BOB, and her son, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went BOS with last possible CAC in Finland. His sister, Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) went 4th Best of Bitches with res-CAC. At international show Kajaani Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) obtained a res-CAC. Congratulations to Säde, Pekka, Jaana and Johanna for these very nice results!

A couple of days ago we received health results of Dani (Amazeme Impressive Pretender) and he has B/B hips, 0/0 elbows, shoulders OCD free, back spondylosis free and LTV1. His eyes were clear as well. Congratulations to Marja and Jussi for a healthy boy!

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