The news of the years 2008-2016


Summer is normally a very busy time as we have many shows, trials and so on. Therefore I have forgotten to share a couple of fantastic, a little bit older news with you. Shortly, our Polish import, Nemo (A Game Of Thrones from Animki), participated in an international show in Sweden and was BOS. He also gained his second CACIB. In May he passed Companion dog test which means that he earned a couple new letters, BH. :) A couple of weeks ago Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) and Mimmu did one more clean run in agility. Congratulations to Veera and Mimmu for these excellent results!

Last weekend me and Linda were at CACIB show Riihimäki with Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme), Chili and Brie. Also Dani (Amazeme Impressive Pretender) participated in a show for the first time. We all got Excellent with CQ. Dani won his class and went 4th Best of Males. He also got res-CAC. Rolf also won his class and went 2nd Best of Males. He also gained his third and last CAC for FI CH -title. He became Estonian Show Champion by the same token. Brie went 3rd in Champion class but was not placed in Best of Bitches competition. Chili won her class and went 4th Best of Bitches. No rosettes this time. Huge congratulations to Linda, Jussi and Marja for your boys' excellent results!


Last two weeks have been just fantastic, although we got some bad news as well. More than a week ago we found out that Meg (Amazeme Noble Sapphire) was not expecting puppies. We were quite sure that she would be expecting puppies but this time we were so wrong. We hope that our bad luck will finish and we will get finally some new Amazeme-puppies next Autumn.

Despite of our bad luck, we have been also very successful as in last weeks we have got three new Finnish Champions and three BOB and three BOS. Last weekend, despite of hot weather, Oiva (Amazeme Cosmic Time) and Leila did a good job and earned their first working title in tracking. With this result Oiva also became Finnish Show Champion and International Champion (C.I.B). Of course, both titles need to be confirmed first. Huge congratulations to Leila and Oiva! Oiva is 13th Amazeme Finnish Champion and 3rd Amazeme C.I.B. I am so proud of this team that believed in themselves!

Also me and Super (Amazeme Golden Queen) participated in the same trial and even if we did a good job as well, it was not enough this time. We did not get a result but lots of strength to try again.

On Sunday we travelled to Pöytyä for a group show with Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) and Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveld). Also Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains) and Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) were there. We all got excellent and Ukko was 3rd Best of Males with res-CAC. Jäbä, instead, was Best of Males and BOS. Chili was 3rd in junior class and 4th Best of Bitches. Congratulations to Säde and Pekka once again for your excellent day at Pöytyä show!

A couple of weeks ago Lynn (Amazeme Raspberry Hills) and Hannele competed in class 2 of obedience and got 1st prize winning their class. This means that Lynn has now right to compete in elite class (class 3). Congratulations to Hannele and Lynn for your excellent result!

And back to show results. More than a week ago we travelled to Riga in Latvia to participate in Latvian Winner 2017 show with Eikka (Amazeme Arctic Challenge), his mother Super (Amazeme Golden Queen) and her little sister, Chili and Brie, of course. Our journey was excellent as Eikka became Best of Males and BOS. He also received a LT CAC and CACIB. And as it was a Winner Show, he obtained LVW-17 -title. Her mother became BOB and BOB Veteran. She also became Latvian Veteran Champion and Latvian Veteran Winner 2017 -title. His little sister, Chili, became Latvian Junior Winner 2017 and with J-CAC she also became Latvian AND Baltic Junior Champion. She was 2nd Best of Bitches, just after her mum. Brie was 3rd Best of Bitches and obtained a LV CAC (and probably also LV CH -title), CACIB and LVW-17 -title. We could not be happpier! While we were driving back to Finland, we received more fantastic news from Finland. At Suomussalmi, Diva (Amazeme English Meadows) was BOB and received her last CAC for FI CH -title. Like that she also became Estonian Show Champion. Diva is 11th Amazeme Finnish Show Champion! How wonderful!

Maybe only a half hour later we got other news from Finland telling that Nova (Amazeme Faithful Soul) was also BOB but at Hämeenlinna. I could not believe my eyes when reading the message! Also she got her last CAC for FI CH -title so this means that Nova is 12th Amazeme Finnish Show Champion! Congratulations to Mirkku, Olli and Sanna for new titles!

On Sunday we were at group show Pietarsaari with Chili, and Brie. There were also Chili's sister, Pihka (Amazeme Cure For The Itch) and Capo (Amazeme Smart Illusion). They all got excellent and all but Pihka won their class. This time Capo did not get CQ but Chili and Brie did. Pihka was 4th in junior class whereas her sister won the class. Chili also was 2nd Best of Bitches with res-CAC. The best of bithces was my sweet Brie who also became BOB.

The same day at Tuuri Mac (Boogie Dancer At Sylvan Moonlight) was 2nd Best of Males and received a CAC. What a weekend! Congratulations to Mirkku and Olli again for Mac's second CAC! Congratulations to Marja and Lotta for the excellent result at Pietarsaari! And thank you for your help and company!


We had such a fantastic weekend! It was hard to believe that all those great results that we got were real! On Thursday 25 May we traveld to Lithuania to three-days shows in Moletai. We had Chili, Brie, Nova, Super, Ukko and Jäbä with us. Our journey was very successful although in some parts it could have been even better. Each dog of our team won its class every day with excellent, except Chili on Sunday. On Friday it was a speciality show organised by the breed club. As Super won so called "Big CAC" (N) (meaning that she was the Best Bitch of Intermediate, Open, Working and Champion classes), she became Lithuanian Club Champion by being already Lithuanian Show Champion. So the first Champion title was gained on Friday and there were more to come...

On Saturday it was Baltic Winner 2017, and our youngster, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) won "the Big CAC", CACIB and thus BALTW-17 -title. Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains) won his class and got his second CAC. Our little red devil, Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveld), won Junior class and gained her second LT J-CAC and became BALTJW-17. She also gained LT and EE JCH -titles by the same token. Super (Amazeme Golden Queen) was shown in Veteran class this time and she won it. Like that she became LT VCH and BALTVW-17! So we had already four new Champion titles on Saturday in total. The last day was so exciting as both boys, Jäbä and Ukko and our little girl Brie could become Lithuanin Show Champion, if they won their class with CAC. So first it was Ukko's turn and he did it! His big borther followed his example and so we had two more Lithuanin Show Champion and a new Finnish Champion (Jäbä). Ukko also won again "the Big CAC" (N) and his second CACIB. On Sunday Chili was placed 2nd in Junior class but Brie got the third LT CAC and became Lithuanian Show Champion. In total, we got 8 new champion titles to Amazeme-dogs! I was over the moon! Congratulations to Säde and Pekka for your boys' new titles!

We did rather good also in Finland as on Saturday and Sunday Amazeme-dogs competed for CACs in agility and in shows. In that weekend Hoppu and Mimmu competed in III class of agility in Jyväskylä and got three clean runs of which one gave them their first agility CAC! Also from Sweden we got excellent news as hopefully the future mum of our next litter after Meg, Lace (Amazeme Twilight Grace) and Lena did few more clean runs of which one gae them their second jumping CAC in agility! Huge congratulations to these fantastic agility teams!

Also in rally-obedience we got one new result as Jake (Amazeme Rhythmic Blue) and Nina got their second passing score with 95 points out of 100. Congratulations to Nina and Jake for this excellent result!

We did great also in shows in Finland as we got one BIG2, three BOB and two BOS from three shows to which Amazeme-dogs participated in that weekend. The responsibles of this success were this time Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne), her dam Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation), Särmä's cousin Sohvi (Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit) and their relative Eikka (Amazeme Arctic Challenge). At group show Harjavalta on Saturday Eikka went BOS and Särmä BOB and BIG2! They both got a CAC. Rilla (Amazeme Fierce Whisper) went 2nd Best of Bitches and gained a res-CAC. Lynn (Amazeme Raspberry Hills) went 3rd Best Of Bitches. Our Breeder's group went BOB Breeder. The next day at national show Rauma Eikka went BOS again but this time Särmä went 2nd Best of Bitches her dam, Liz, winning all! Our breeder's group was again BOB Breeder! At group show Keuruu, Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme) went 2nd Best in Open class with Excellent. Our junior, Pihka (Amazeme Cure For The Itch) got 'VG' but our youngster, Sohvi (Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit) went BOB! Huge congratulations to Jaana (again), Tuija (again) and Aino (again)! I am extremely proud of you!


Särmä did it again! Last Saturday Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) and her two siblings and mum participated in an international dog. Also Tyyne (Amazeme Another Story) were there. They all got 'Excellent' and Särmä and Tyyne won their class. Hemi (Amazeme Iconic Future) and Nanna (Amazeme Ice-cold Sensation) were both placed 2nd in Intermediate class. This time thye did not get CQ but their sister, Särmä, did a great job and went Best of Bitches and Best of Breed once again. Her mum, Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) was placed 3rd in Champion class with 'Exccellent' and CQ. Tyyne got 'Excellent' and won her class with CQ but was not placed in Best of Bitches -competition. Our breeder's group went Best Breeder of Breed! Huge congratulations to BOB Särmä and Jaana! On Sunday Tyyne participated in an internatinal dog show in Hamina and went 2nd in open class with 'Excellent' and CQ. In Best of Bitches -competition she was placed 4th Best of Bitches! Congratulations to Tiina as well for these excellent results! The photo of Särmä has been taken by Heta Simonen.

But this is not all. We do not have only beautiful but also well behaving girls as last week two girls from out team passed Companion Dog Test. The first one was Diva (Amazeme English Meadows) who passed it on Wednesday. The next day it was our turn with Brie to show our skills in a same test and this time we passed it. Congratulations to Sanna and BH Diva!

A week ago on Saturday we traveled to a group show in Salo with Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) and Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled). Also Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains) and Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) participated in the show and it went rather well. They all got 'Excellent' and won their class but this is not all. Jäbä went 2nd Best of Males and Ukko Best Of Males. Ukko also received a CAC and Jäbä res-CAC. My girls were pretty as well as Chili went 2nd Best of Bitches and Brie Best of Breed. Thus Chili received a res-CAC and Brie a CAC. Our breeder's group went Best Breeder of Breed as well. We are extremely happy and proud of our babies! The same day, Diva and Sanna participated in a national dog show in Varkaus and Diva went Best of Opposite Sex and obtained a CAC. One more to go for Finnish Champion title! Congratulations to Sanna and Diva for your excellent day!

Photos: Brie at the test by Kristiina Kerttula, Brie at the show (on the left) by Harri Kivimäki and Diva at the show by Pilvi Uotila.

A couple of weeks ago Amazeme-dogs shined like a star in agility, rally-obedience competitions and shows. Kaija and Raina (Amazeme Crystal Jewel) competed in rally-obedience and got one more passing score in Open class. Congratulations to Kaija and Raina for excellent result! We have received some awesome results from Sweden where Lena and Lace (Amazeme Twilight Grace) competed for the first time in III class of agility. They did two clean runs and in jumping course they won the class and received their first CAC! Also Lace's cousin, Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) and Mimmu did a clean run in III class of agility a couple of weeks ago here in Laukaa. Huge congratulations to Lena and Mimmu for your excellent results in agility!

In show rings, once again, siblings from our Ice-litter, Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) and Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) did their best at international dog show Tampere. Ukko went 2nd Best of Males and received res-CAC. Särmä did a little bit better and went Best of Bitches and Best of Breed! She also received a CAC and a CACIB. Their mum, Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation), showed her best, and won Champion class with 'Excellent' and CQ. Congratulations to Säde, Pekka and Jaana your excellent show day in Tampere!

The photo of Hoppu has been taken by Jessica Varjonen.


Last weekend we traveled to Estonia, Rakvere with Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme), Diva (Amazeme English Meadows) and Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled). On both days Rolf was BOB and Chili was BOS. Chili was also BOB Junior and received two J-CAC by winning junior class! Also Rolf received two CAC and in Best In Group -competition he did rather good job and went 3rd Best in Group. Our judge was Elena Ruskovaara. On Saturday Diva got 'Very good' so we needed to show our very best the next day and we really did it! On Sunday Diva won her class with 'Excellent' ang got CQ. In Best of Bitches -competition Diva went 3rd and received a CAC. Huge congratulations to Linda and Sanna for Rolf's and Diva's succesful journey to Rakvere! I was especially pleased by the judging of both judges who appreciated so highly my little red fox. On Monday there was a group show in Lahti to which Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains), Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) and his sister Sera (Amazeme Instant Affection) participated from our team. They all got 'Excellent' and won their class but this is not all as Ukko went 1st Best of Dogs and received a CAC (which is his second) and Sera went 1st Best of Bitches and obtained her first CAC in Finland. My warmest congratulations to Säde, Pekka and Jenni for your very successful day in Lahti! I am so happy for you and also a little bit proud! :)


We have again some fantastic results to be updated. Our boys from R-litter have been very active and efficient. Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) got the third passing score in rally-obedience and obtained RTK1-title. His brother, Jake (Amazeme Rhythmic Blue) also gained a passing score in rally-obedience but this is not all. He also got 1st prize in Beginner's class of Obedience a week later. Congratulations to our Northern Team, Johanna and Nina for your excellent results! The boys' mum, Raina (Amazeme Crystal Jewel) also got a passing score in Open class of rally-obedience a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations to Kaija for your super nice result! Also I have been competing with my girls. With Super we got the third passing score in Open class of rally-obedience which means that Super obtained RTK2-title. Last week I was in obedience trial with Siru (Amazeme Elderberry Valleys) and we got the third 1st prize in Beginner's class so this means that Siru obtained TK1-title. Last but not least working result to be updated is from agility where Muusa (Amazeme Criminal Intentions) and Heidi did a clean run a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations to Heidi for your excellent result! Last Sunday our co-owned boy from Poland, Nemo (A Game Of Thrones From Animki) passed Finnish Character Test for Dogs and thus became Finnish, Estonian and Latvian Show Champion. Huge congratulations to Veera for Nemo's new titles!

Naturally we have some show results as well to be updated. On Easter we went to Imatra with Brie, Super and Kiia. Brie won her class with 'Excellent' and got CQ but she was not placed in Best of Bitches -competition. Super got 'Excellent' and was 2nd in Champion class. She went 3rd in Best of Bitches -competition. Kiia won her class and went 4th in Best of Bitches -competition. A week before we were at international dog show in Vaasa with Pihka (Amazeme Cure For The Itch), Eikka (Amazeme Arctic Challenge), Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne), Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation), Super, and Kiia and we did rather good job as all our team members (except Liz who was 2nd in Champion class) won their class with 'Excellent' and got 'CQ'. Pihka went Best Puppy of Breed and Eikka went 2nd in Best of Males -competition and received a CAC and res-CACIB. Brie went 1st in Best of Bitches -competition and received a CAC. She also was BOB! Super went 2nd Best of Bitches and Kiia was 4th Best of Bitches and BOB Veteran. Our breeder group went BOB Breeder. It is not every day that we got Best Puppy Of Breed, Best Of Breed, Best Veteran of Breed and Best Breeder Of Breed! Thank you all for you help and support!


Pohjosen pojat ovat pistäneet nyt vähän tuulemaan, sillä toissa viikonloppuna sekä Luka että Jake kisasivat rally-tokossa. Molemmat saivat hyväksytyn tuloksen ja koska tämä oli Lukalle jo kolmas hyväksytty tulos alokasluokassa, sai Luka itselleen ensimmäisen koulutustunnuksen, RTK1. Viime viikonloppuna Luka vuorostaan kisasi tokon avoimessa luokassa ja sai ykköstuloksen. Poikien äiti, Raina, nähtiin myös rally-tokokisoissa lauantaina. Myös Raina teki hyväksytyn tuloksen avoimessa luokassa ja sai ensimmäisen kiinnityksen RTK2-koulutustunnukseen. Paljon onnea Ninalle, Johannalle ja Kaijalle hienoista tuloksista!


Almost two weeks ago we traveled to Riga, Latvia with Brie, Meg (who was totally out of coat, of course), Siru and Kiia, and we got some very nice results and four new champion titles. Brie won her class on both days and as on Saturday she obtained a LV J-CAC, she also became Baltic and Latvian Junior Show Champion. On Satuday she was 2nd Best of Bitches and on Sunday 3rd Best of Bitches. Meg got 'VG' on both days due to her coat. Siru, instead, won Champion class on both days and was 4th Best of Bitches on Saturday and 2nd Best of Bitches on Sunday. She also got two res-CACIBs. Kiia won her class on both days and on Saturday she obtained LV V-CAC which means that she became Baltic and Latvian Veteran Show Champion. On Saturday she was 3rd Best of Bitches and on Sunday 4th Best of Bitches.

On Sunday we had quite a strong competition in a group show of Seinäjoki to which 28 Border Collies had been entered. Our team did rather good job as Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme) was 2nd Best of Males and got res-CAC. Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) won Champion class and was 3rd Best of Bitches but her daughter, Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) charmed the judge and she went to Best of Bitches. Naturally, she received her second CAC! Also our breeder group (Rolf, Särmä, Liz, and Raina) went 1st and got Prize of Honour. I was so pleased with these fantastic news! Thank you all for presenting the group and congratulations to Linda, Linda and all others for your successful day at Seinäjoki show!

But these are not the only news from that weekend! Sanna and Diva (Amazeme English Meadows), competed for the first time in obedience and got right away 1st Prize. Congratulations to Sanna for your excellent work!

Last weekend, brothers from our R-litter, Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) and Jake (Amazeme Rhythmic Blue) competed in rally-obedience and they both got a passing score. As this was Luka's third passing score in Beginner's class, he obtained RTK1-title. Congratulations to Johanna and Nina for these great results!


I have been again extremely busy so I have not had time to update my site in English version. Anyway, here you are very briefly the latest news and results. Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) and I got 1st Prize in Beginner's class of Obedience last Saturday. The same day, Lace (Amazeme Twilight Grace) and Lena did the last clean run to obtain the right to compete in III class of agililty. Congratulations! On Sunday Super (Amazeme Golden Queen) and I competed in rally-obedience and we got two passing score. The first one with 95 points and the second one with 100 points. We also won our class. Her half-brother, Tikki (Amazeme Millennium Story) and Mari competed in team skiing for Finnish Championship of teams and they were placed 3rd. Congratulations to Mari and Tikki for your Bronze Medal! Well done! A week ago, Brie and Meg (Amazeme Noble Sapphire) traveld with Henna to Vilnius, Lithuania for shows. On Saturday and on Sunday Brie was BOB Junior and she also got Lithuanian Junior Winner 2017 -title and Vilnius Junior Cup Winner 2017 -title but the last one is not recognized in Finland. Meg was on both days res-winner and she received two res-CACIB. Congratulations to Henna for Meg's very nice results, although her coat is not in a good condition at the moment and thank you for taking such good care of my little princess, Brie.

We have also received three first health results of our Ice-litter. Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) has A/A hips, elbows, knees and shoulders 0/0. Her two brothers, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) and Hemi (Amazeme Iconic Future) have both B/B hips, 0/0 elbows, and 0/0 knees. They also x-rayed the shoulders of Ukko and they were all clean. Congratulations to Jaana, Säde, Heta and Jukka-Pekka for these excellent results!


We got again such beautiful results at semi-speciality show in Kauhava. There were nine dogs from our team. The best of them was again our beauty queen, Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) who was BOB. Her son, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) won the males and was BOS. He also received his first CAC. But this was not all... Ukko's "big brother", Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains), won his class but this time did not receive CQ. We had three junior females in the ring. We had Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) and her two cousins, my Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) and her sister Sohvi (Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit). All three got excellent. Brie was placed 4th in junior class, Särmä the third and Sohvi won a very strong junior class. She also received CQ. In Champion class we had Raina (Amazeme Crystal Jewel) and her half sister Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation). They both got excellent and Liz was placed 1st and Raina the 2nd. They both got also CQ. In Veteran class I had my grand old lady, Nancy. She won her class with Excellent and CQ. In Best of Bitches competition we got three placement. Liz was Best of Bitches, her sister's daughter, Sohvi, was the second and Nancy was the fourth. Sohvi also received a CAC. Our breeder group was BOB Breeder! What a day! Congratulations to all of you!


This time I will update our news very briefly. Two weeks ago Amazeme Minutes to Midnight "Luna" went Best Puppy of Breed at unofficial puppy show in Lahti. Congratulations to Birgitta for your excellent day in Lahti! So happy to hear that she did great job even if the day was long.

The same weekend we were in Lithuania, Kaunas with Brie, Senna Siru and Kiia. The rules in Lithuania are a little bit different than those here in Finland so it was sometimes tricky to follow the ring but despite of that we did rather well. :) Brie was on both days BOB Junior, Kiia BOB Veteran and Siru BOB. Senna won her class on Sunday. She also got a LT CAC and res-CACIB. With these fantastic results Brie became Lithuanian Youth Champion, Kiia Lithuanian Veteran Champion and Siru Lithuanian Champion. Siru also received two new CACIB. She has now 5 CACIB in Finland and Lithuania and one res-CACIB which should be confirmed as CACIB from Estonia. Congratulations to Leila and Mirka for your girls' nice results! I cannot congratulate myself although I am extremely happy about Brie's and Kiia's results. Thank you, Aiste (if you happen to read this) for your help and company!

On Saturday (two weeks ago, yes) Johanna and Amazeme Rebellious Images "Luka" competed for the second time in rally-obedience and got again a very nice passing score. Congratulations to Johanna and Luka for your nice result! The photo of Luka and Johanna has been taken by Sari Eskelinen.

Last week four babies from our B-litter (Hilla x BO) were scored for hips and elbows. They also got an eye test. We have received as far the following results: As far we have got one A/A, two B/B and one C/C. Not bad at all. Still waiting for the last one to be scored. You can read the complete results from the litter's page. In the picture there are Sohvi, Brie and Reko getting relaxed! :)


Last weekend we got 3 certificates and 1 res-CAC. Our sweet cutie pie Sera and Jenni travelled to Latvia where Sera won her class and received J-CAC. She went BOB as well. My warmest congratulations to Jenni and Sera for an excellent debut in shows! On Sunday, two of Sera's siblings, Ukko and Särmä were at Turku international. Both of them won their class with 'Excellent' and were qualified for CAC. Ukko went 2nd Best of Males but what did his sister? Särmä went directly BOS and received a CAC. Huge congratulations to Säde and Jaana for your excellent day (again)!

Siblings' uncle, Capo and Lotta, instead, competed in agility. They got one very fast course with one fault but another one was a clean run. They also won the course and received a CAC, meaning that they have now right to compete in the highest class of agility. Congratulations to Lotta and Capo for so great results!


Last weekend was amazing. First of all we got a new Finnish Championship winner of team skiing! Hard to believe, but yes Amazeme Reigning Supreme "Rolf" and Linda won Finnish Championship of team skiing. This is a really great achievement for a Border Collie which are in general much smaller than other competititors. My warmest congratulatio ns to VKM-17 Rolf and his fabulous owner, Linda! Last weekend we had two shows, one CAC show in Lahti and another CACIB show in Kajaani. We got one BOB, one BOS + BOB VET + BIS VET4, one CACIB dog and one CAC dog in total. All Amazeme dogs got 'Excellent' and several were placed in their class. One of them was "Ukko" (Amazeme Imperial Strike) who got JUN EXC2 CQ BD3. His cousin, "Jäbä" (Amazeme Eastern Mountains) also got OPEN EXC2 but he did not receive a CQ this time. His sister, "Diva" (Amazeme English Meadows) went OPEN EXC4. Our other girls did also good job. My own little girl, "Brie" (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) was JUN EXC1 CQ but was not placed in Best of Bitches -competition. Her cousin, "Särmä" (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) was JUN EXC2. Her mother, "Liz" (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) went directly BOB!

In Kajaani INT my sweet old lady, "Kiia", went BOS and BOB VET but this is not all. In BIS Veteran -competition Kiia was placed the FOURTH! Amazing! Kiia's daughter, "Raina" (Amazeme Crystal Jewel) was champ EXC1 CQ BB2 CACIB and Kiia's granddaughter, "Sohvi" (Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit) was jun EXC1 CQ BB3 and CAC! Our day could not have go better! Huge congratulations to Jaana, Kaija and Aino for your successful day! Special thanks to my cousin for showing Kiia in Kajaani! But this is not all. "Nana" (Amazeme Everblue Skies) and Emmi competed in rally-obedience for the third time and got once again a passing score. This means that Nana is now known as RTK1 Nana. Huge congratulations to Emmi and Nana for your very first working title!


First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year! May this year be as good as last one!

We shall begin our new year's news with the news from last year as last Thursday Ronja and Hoppu competed in agility in III class and both did a clean run. They both were placed amongst first ten as well. The total number of participants was 54. Congratulations to Tuija and Mimmu for your excellent runs! In the photo you can see my pack consisting of five Border Collies and one Sheltie.

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