The news of the years 2008-2017


Once again we have some many results to update that I have to give up and just to list them. I leave the photos as a cavalcade. :)


Tampere, Finnish Championship -competition
Judges: Jaana Karppinen (Beginner's class), Pia Heikkinen (Open class), Anna Pakkala (Winner's class)

"Chili" Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled, a passing score with 71 points out of 100 in Beginner's class
"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, no result in Beginner's class
"Hoppu" Amazeme Fool Moon, a passing score with 90 points out of 100 in Open class
"Kiia" Story Goes Queen Of Hearts, no result in Winner's class

Judge: Riikka Timonen

"Lova" Amazeme Foxtrot Lady, a passing score with 86 points out of 100 in Winner's class


Judge: Juha Kurtti

"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, 1st prize with 283 points out of 320 in Open class

Judge: Harri Laisi

"Tyyne" Amazeme Another Story, 1st prize with 179 points out of 200 → TK1


Judge: Ritva Herrala

"Ronja" Amazeme Graceful Queen, a clean run with CAC-J in III class

Judge: Pettermi Kerminen

"Hoppu" Amazeme Fool Moon, a clean run in III class

Judge: Petteri Kerminen

"Sohvi" Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit, a clean run in I class



"Rolf" Amazeme Reigning Supreme, a prize of honour in Open class of free style, right to compete in Winner's class


Nordic Kuopio
Judge: Gerard Cox, Ireland

"Endo" Amazeme Dare To Be The One, JUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BD1, CAC, NORD CAC, BOS
"Chili" Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled, CH-EXC, placement 2, CQ, BB3
"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, CH-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB2, NORD RES-CAC
"Kiia" Story Goes Queen Of Hearts, VET-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, NORD CAC, BOB, BOB VET

Group Harjavalta
Judge: Päivi Eerola, Finland

"Särmä" Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne, OP-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, BOB

International Kuopio
Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Finland

"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, CH-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB4
"Kiia" Story Goes Queen Of Hearts, VET-EXC, placement 2, CQ, BB3

Puppy show Loviisa
Judge: Helin Tenson, Finland

"Wiima" Amazeme Whirlwind Of Love, BOB Puppy

11.8.2018National Raisio
Judge: Andrzej Stepinski, Poland

"Nala" Amazeme Dazzle On A Dime, JUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB3

Group Show Ristiina
Judge: Dina Korna, Estonia

"Elli" Amazeme Assyrian Queen, OP-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB2, CAC

Nordic Riihimäki
Judge: Leni Finne, Finland

"Särmä" Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne, OP-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB2, NORD RES-CAC

National Haapsalu, Estonia
Judge: Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden

"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, CH-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOS → BALT & EE CH

National Haapsalu, Estonia
Judge: Jasna Matejcic, Croatia
"Brie" Amazeme Bejeweled Queen, CH-EXC, placement 1

Speciality Riihimäki
Judges: Elisabeth Ertl, Austria (puppies, males), Marion Turner, Great Britain (females)

"Welho" Amazeme Went So Wild, Baby Class, placement 3
"Wiima" Amazeme Whirlwind Of Love, Baby class, placement 4, Prize of Honour
"Eikka" Amazeme Arctic Challenge, CH-VG "Nemo" A Game Of Thrones from Animki, CH-EXC
"Luna" Amazeme Dash Or Crash, JUN-G
"Molly" Amazeme Dance 'Til Dawn, JUN-EXC, placement 3
"Nala" Amazeme Dazzle On A Dime, JUN-VG
"Tyyne" Amazeme Another Story, OP-VG
"Super" Amazeme Golden Queen, WOR-EXC, placement 1, Best Working Dog of Breed
"Nova" Amazeme Faithful Soul, CH-G
"Diva" Amazeme English Meadows, CH-VG
"Chili" Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled, CH-VG
"Ronja" Amazeme Graceful Queen, VET-VG
"Kiia" Story Goes Queen Of Hearts, VET-EXC, placement 4


@Jin Kaakinen - Ansun kuvat

It tseems that summer is a very busy period for all doing a different kind of sports. During last two months we have had so many results that I do not know how to start. Maybe with some agility results. A couple of weeks ago Mimmu and Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) did once again a clean run and were placed 2nd. The last CAC was not very faraway. Also Heidi and Muusa (Amazeme Criminal Intentions) did a clean run which was their second one in I class. Huge congratulations to Mimmu and Heidi for these very nice results!

Me and Brie competed in special tracking in a very hot weather and we managed to make a result! There are no many Border Collies in Finland with FH1-title. I can be very proud of my girl who is still so young! With this result I can now apply for C.I.B-title. In the picture, Brie looks so happy after doing post trial swimming. :)

We have had several show results. Let's go backward from today. We were today at national dog show Kuopio with Senna, Chili, and Kiia. All three got 'Excellent'. Kiia and Chili got also CQ, actually they were those two only who got CQ. Kiia went BOB and Best Veteran of Breed and Chili 2nd Best of Bitches. Chili also received her last CAC in Finland.

Last weekend we were with Senna and Chili in Imavere, Estonia. On both days Chili went BOB and Senna 2nd Best of Bitches. Thus, both of them received a Estonian CAC and with that could apply for Estonian Show Champion -title. On Sunday Chili went also 3rd Best In Group! As you can see, the weather was really hot as my face was all red. :)

But this is not only news from last weekend as on Saturday at international dog show, Eikka went BOS and received his last CACIB to obtain C.I.E.-title! My co-owned girl, Särmä, went 2nd Best of Bitches with CAC. This was her last one to obtain Finnish Champion -title! Huge congratulations to Jaana and Tuija for these fantastic results!

On the same day, at group show Porvoo, one of our youngsters,. Luna, was shining like a star again. She won her class and finally got a CAC. There were 18 bitches entered in the show. This was her third show and third CAC. Huge congratulations to Tiina for Luna's success!

On the next day, at international dog show Mikkeli, Brie got VG but my co-owned girl, Elli went 2nd Best of Bitches and received a CAC. This was her second one. One more to go! Congratulations to Jenni for Elli's second CAC! Kiia won Veteran class with Excellent and CQ but was not placed in Best of Bitches -competition.

In the middle of July we had two national dog shows, one in Laukaa and another one in Mäntsälä. At Mäntsälä show, Luna, went BOS once again and obtained a CAC. This was her second show and second CAC! On Saturday at Laukaa her sister, Molly (Amazeme Dance 'Til Dawn) went 3rd Best of Bitches with res-CAC and Nekku (Amazeme Beaming Beauty) went 4th Best of Bitches. My foxy lady, Chili, went 2nd Best of Bitches and received a CAC. We had also Kiia and her daughter, Raina at the show. They both got Excellent but did not receive CQ.

In the second weekend of July we made a short journey to the North. On 7 July I competed with my youngsters, Chili and Brie in rally-obedience. They both got a passing score in all courses we did. I was really proud of my girl. On 8 July we participated at international dog show Oulu with really nice results. Kiia went BOB and BOB VET, Brie went 3rd Best Of Bitches with CACIB with which we can apply for C.I.E.-title. Chili went 4th Best of Bitches and received a res-CAC and res-CACIB. I am so proud of my girls! It was so nice to travel to Oulu and compete there and at the same token see some Amazeme-dogs, like boys, Jake and Luka from our R-litter and their half brother, Nemo from our A-litter. Thank you so much Johanna, Nina and Katja for coming to see us!

The very same weekend, Sera (Amazeme Instant Affection) travelled to Estonia, Pärnu for two international dog show. On Saturday Sera went BOS with CAC and CACIB. This means that Sera became also Estonian Show Champion. The next day Sera went 3rd Best of Bitches. Huge congratulations to Jenni for these very nice results and a new title! A week ago, Sera and her brother, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) passed Finnish Character Test for dogs and thus became also Finnish Champions! Huge congratulations to Säde and Jenni for new Finnish Champions! We have now 20 Amazeme Finnish Champions! I could not be prouder! In the end of June, my cousin took Chili to a group show in Tuusniemi where Chili went BOB with a CAC. This was her first CAC in Finland!en sertinsä Suomesta! On the next day, our young lady, Luna, had her debut and went right away BOS with CAC! Huge congratulations to Tiina for excecllent start!

But this is not all. On 8 July Linda and Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme) competed in class 3 of obedience and got 1st Prize. This was their first but not last. Huge congratulations to Linda and Rolf!

In the end of June I competed in rally-obedience with Kiia and Super. With Kiia we did not get a passing score even though we had great time. With Super we managed to get a passing score. Also Hoppu and Mimmu competed in rally-obedience and got a passing score in Open class. Congratulations to Mimmu for the excellent result!

A boy out of A-litter, Koda (Amazeme Astral Traveller) passed his first nose work test! Congratulations to Mirva for this very nice result!

In the beginning of June, I competed with Kiia and Super again in rally-obedience in two courses. With Kiia we got a passing score from our second course and with Super from our first course.

Mimmu and Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) competed instead in agillity and got two clean runs. With the second one they won and received their second Agility CAC. One more to go!

Linda and Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme) competed in heelwork and freestyle for the first time and got excellent results! Huge congratulations to this multitalented couple!


Obvisously, I have been a little bit too busy to update the news but here we are and I try to catch up with news. First of all, I have completely forgotten to update the fantastic show results of our little D's, namely Endo (Amazeme Dare To Be The One) and Nala (Amazeme Dazzle On A Dime). They both have participated in a couple of puppy shows with very nice results. Endo has been twice BOB Puppy and once BOS Puppy and Nala has been twice BOB Puppy. Congratulations to both Enni and Sini for these very nice results!

Our bigger ones have received some very nice results as well. Almost two weeks ago me and Chili participated in Companion Dog Test (BH) passing it. After the test, I brought her to Vantaa from where she travelled with a friend of mine to Lithuania. There were a triple show in Moletai. Chili was Best of Opposite Sex at all three shows. This means that she became Lithuanian and Club Champion. She also received her first two CACIBs. The same weekend, our dear Kiia were at double show in Joensuu. On both shows, she went BOB and Best Veteran of Breed.

On that weekend, we got also another BOB at national dog show Rauma to which Särmä, her brother Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) and their cousin Sohvi (Amazeme Bilberry Biscuit) participated. All three got 'Excellent' but only girls got also CQ. Actually, they were the only ones who got CQ! Särmä went 2nd Best of Bitches with res-CAC and Sohvi went Best Of Bitches and Best of Breed at the same token. This was her last CAC for FI CH -ttile. A day before, we got another 2nd Best of Bitches with res-CAC and it was this time our lovely Lynn at Keuruu under Maija Lehtonen, Finland. Huge congratulations to Jaana, Aino and Hannele for these very nice results!

Last week I competed again with Chili but this time in obedience. We did not do so great so we got only 3rd Prize. Hopefully next time we are more prepared...


Last weekend was full of action as Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) and Vinja (Amazeme Twenty Pence) did 3 clean runs in total! One of them was done by Särmä and Jaana. One more to go for II class! Congratulations to both of you for these excellent results!

But this is not all as Särmä was at group show Harjavalta and won open class with 'Excellent'. Finally, she went 2nd Best of Bitches with res-CAC. Huge congratulations to Jaana! More than a week ago, I competed with Chili in Open class of obedience for the first time. We got 229 points out of 320 which means that we obtained 2nd prize. Chili did very nice job but also two mistakes. :) Maybe next time we are worth of 256 points au minimum!


In Memoriam

Story Goes Queen of Shadow


Last three months have been extremely busy as it is usually when you have puppies. We have got also many fantastic results in agility, rally-obedience, obedience and shows. A couple of weeks ago we were at international dog show in Vaasa and our team did excellent job! Eikka went 2nd Best of Dogs with res-CACIB which will be turned into CACIB. Särmä went 4th Best of Bitches and her cousin, Brie, went 2nd Best of Bitches with CAC and res-CACIB (to be turned into CACIB). This CAC was Brie's last CAC for FI CH -title! Last weekend we were at Finnish Character Test with Miku (Amazeme Against All Limits), Brie, Senna and Junior (Simaro Over The Top). All four passed the test! This means that Brie became also Finnish Champion! Also Senna, Miku and Junior can be Finnish Champions one day when receiving last CAC for the title.

The day before Rolf (Amazeme Reigning Supreme) competed in Winner's class of Obedience and got 1st Prize and Prize of Honour. Huge congratulations to Sanna, Leila and Silvia for passing this quite demanding test! Congratulations to Linda for excellent result!

On Eastern time Sera (Amazeme Instant Affection) got her last CAC for FI CH -title. On Eastern I competed with Brie in obedience and we got 2nd Prize. At the same time Elli got her first CAC at Imatra show. Huge congratulations to both Jenni for your girl's CAC!

On Eastern Monday Hoppu got her 3rd passing score in Beginner's class of rally-obedience. This means that Hoppu got RTK1-title at the same time! Congratulations to Mimmu and Hoppu for this excellent result!

On March Jaana and Särmä competed for the first time in agility and they did a clean run! That's awesome! Congratulations! We were at international show in Lahti with Chili and Brie. Both got excellent. Brie got also CQ and went 4th Best of Bitches. She also got res-CAC.

In the end of March at puppy show in Jyväskylä we got four puppies from our D-litter. Our lovely boy, Endo (Amazeme Dare To Be The One) went BOB puppy and finally 3rd Best In Group! That is amazing! My co-owned girl, Luna went BOS puppy. Two other got very nice critics. Congratulations to Enni and Kirsi for Endo's nice results! It was so nice to see all of you!

On February we were at group show in Juuka with Kiia, Chili and Senna. Kiia went 2nd Best of Bitches and BOB Veteran. Senna went 3rd Best of Bitches with res-CAC. Chili went 4th Best of Bitches. On February Capo (Amazeme Smart Illusion) and Lotta run a fast clean run in III class of agility. Their first CAC was not very faraway. Capo's sister, Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) and Jaana competed in Beginner's class of rally-obedeice and got their 3rd passing score. This means that Liz obtained RTK1-title. Huge congratulations to both, Jaana and Lotta for these excellent results!

We have got some other nice results in obedience as well. On March Tyyne (Amazeme Another Story) and Tiina competed in obedience twice and got two 1st prizes. Huge congratulations to Tiina for these very nice results!


Vinja (Amazeme Twenty Pence) and Heli competed last weekend in agility and they did a great clean run winning the course at the same time. This win gave them a jumping-CAC. This was their first one but surely not the last. Huge congratulations to Vinja and Heli!


It feels like I am repeating myself a week after day. Lasst weekend we got once again some very nice results in both agility and rally-obedience. This time it was Super's daughters' turn to show their skills. On Saturday Elli (Amazeme Assyrian Queen) and Jenni competed in agility and got their very first clean run winning the course. Huge congratulations to Jenni and Elli! The same day another daughter of Super, Lova (Amazeme Foxtrot Lady) and Jonna got their third passing score in Open class of rally-obedience and thus obtained RTK2-title. Congratulations to Jonna and Lova for the newest title! In the photo Lova is playing with her toy she got as a prize. The photo has been taken by Jonna Manninen.


Last weekend Lynn (Amazeme Raspberry Hills) competed for the first time in agility and got two results. Hoppu (Amazeme Fool Moon) and Mimmu competed for the first time in rally-obedience and they got a passing score with 89 points out of 100. Congratulations to Mimmu for this excellent result and to Tuija for very nice courses with Lynn!

We also participated at international dog show Turku on Saturday with very nice results. Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went 3rd Best of Males and Brie (Amazeme Bejeweled Queen) went 4th Best of Bitches with res-CAC and res-CACIB. Chili (Amazeme Queen Of Roads Untraveled) got instead 'VG' but Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne), Senna (Heaven's Dust Of Bordertreowe), Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountains), and Kiia (Story Goes Queen Of Hearts) got excellent. Särmä won her class and Senna went 4th Best in Open class. Jäbä went 3rd Best in Champion class, and Kiia 4th Best in Veteran class. Our breeder group was BOB Breeder. Congratulations to all for these very nice results!


The end of the year 2017 brought us some very nice results. Jaana and Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) competed twice in rally-obedience and they got a passing score from both courses. Congratulations to Jaana and Liz! They also did a clean run in agility! Also Johanna and Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) got a passing score in open class of rally-obedience and obtained RTK2-title. Congratulations to Johanna and Luka! Well done! In the end of November we had a two days show in Tampere. On Saturday Jäbä (Amazeme Eastern Mountain) went BOS and his "lil'" brother, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went 3rd Best of Males and got a CAC. On Sunday Ukko received one more CAC by being again 3rd Best of Males. Congratulations to Säde and Pekka for your excellent results!

In the beginning of December we had three CACIB show in Helsinki. All of them were so called "title shows". On Friday it was Helsinki Winner 2017 -show and the best result of the day Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) took care by being once again 3rd Best of Males and received a 10th Finnish certificate! We got other excellent results as well but this one was the best. On Saturday it was Nordic Winner 2017 -show and we got mostly 'VG' except Siru, Kiia and Ronja. The latest went BOB and BOB VET! This means that Ronja obtained two new titles, NORDW-17 and NORDVW-17! Huge congratulations to Tuija for this beautiful result! On Sunday it was Finnish Winner 2017 -show and it was the best day for our team as Ukko went 2nd Best of Males with a CACIB and Nemo 3rd Best of Males. But this was not all as Särmä went 2nd Best of Bitches with CAC, Super 3rd Best of Bitches (she also was BOB VET with FIVW-17 title) and Kiia 4th Best of Bitches. Our breeder group went BOB Breeder! Thank you all for this wonderful weekend!

The beginning of this year has been very promising. Me and Brie competed in open class of obedience and got 2nd prize.

Last weekend there were the first shows of the year and our team did rather good. At group show Lahti Liz (Amazeme Supreme Sensation) went BOB, and her son, Ukko (Amazeme Imperial Strike) went BOS with last possible CAC in Finland. His sister, Särmä (Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne) went 4th Best of Bitches with res-CAC. At international show Kajaani Luka (Amazeme Rebellious Images) obtained a res-CAC. Congratulations to Säde, Pekka, Jaana and Johanna for these very nice results!

A couple of days ago we received health results of Dani (Amazeme Impressive Pretender) and he has B/B hips, 0/0 elbows, shoulders OCD free, back spondylosis free and LTV1. His eyes were clear as well. Congratulations to Marja and Jussi for a healthy boy!

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