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Amazeme Crystal Jewel

Boys Girls
DOB 19.6.2010
Register number: FI40971/10
black and white, bitch
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 14,5 kg
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Eyes: clear as a puppy and in May 2013, gonioskopy clear
CEA: dna tested carrier
TNS and CL: clear by parentage
Sire: Ryan
Dam: Kiia
Owner: Kaija Åby, Alajärvi

Finnish Character Test for Dogs
12.8.2012Lapua170 p., unfamiliar with shotsJorma Kerkkä and Kai Tarkka

Obedience results
2.6.2015SeinäjokiOpen class1st prize162/200Veijo Kinnunen
7.9.2014VimpeliOpen class1st prize173/200Ilkka Stén
19.2.2014KannusOpen class1st prize164/200Tiina Laakko
10.7.2013VimpeliBeginner's class1st prize with Prize of Honour194/200Veijo Kinnunen
13.6.2013PieksämäkiBeginner's class1st prize174/200Markku Mäntynen
12.6.2013UuskaarlepyyBeginner's class1st prize170/200Tiina Laakko

Some rally-obedience results
19.7.2017AlavusOpen class94/100Fiia-Maria Kivioja
4.5.2017KannusOpen class70/100Tytti Lintenhofer
1.4.2017KannusOpen class75/100Fiia-Maria Kivioja
9.10.2016VaasaBeginner's class96/100Fiia-Maria Kivioja
10.9.2016SeinäjokiBeginner's class81/100Pia Kivinen
10.8.2016AlajärviBeginner's class95/100Fiia-Maria Kivioja

Some show results
13.1.2019Int KajaaniVET-EXC, placement 2, QC, BB4Antti Nieminen, Finland
15.1.2017Int KajaaniCH-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB2, CACIBMaija Heinilä, Norway
13.8.2016Int OuluCH-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB3Gunilla Skallman, Sweden
8.8.2015Int JoensuuCH-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB1, CACIB, BOSKevin Young, Great Britain
19.4.2015R OutokumpuOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB1, CAC, BOS
Lena Danker, Finland
11.1.2015Int KajaaniOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOSElena Ruskovaara, Finland
12.1.2014Int KajaaniOP-EXC, placement 3, QC, BB3, res-CACLigita Zake, Latvia
10.8.2013Int JoensuuOP-EXC, placement 3, QC, BB4, res-CACAlan Jones, Italy
13.7.2013Int OuluOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB2, res-CAC res-CACIBLaszlo Istvan, Hungary
15.6.2013Group SotkamoOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB2, CACPaavo Mattila, Finland
9.6.2013Nat TuuriOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB2, res-CACLena Danker, Finland
19.5.2013Nat JämsänkoskiOP-EXC, placement 1, QCSvein Bjarne Helgesen, Norway
18.5.2013Speciality JämsänkoskiOP-EXC, placement 3Wayne Fleming, Australia
4.5.2013Int TampereOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB4, res-CAC res-CACIBVeli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland
13.4.2013Int VaasaOP-EXC, placement 2, QCMyrna Siboleth, Israel
13.1.2013Int KajaaniOP-EXC, placement 1, QC, BB3, res-CACIBTarja Löfman, Finland
17.6.2012Speciality LappeenrantaINT-EXC, placement 1, QCKathie Kinton, Great Britain
19.5.2012Group JämsäINT-EXC, placement 1Freddie Klindrup, Denmark
12.5.2012Int TampereINT-EXC, placement 1Tomas Rohlin, Denmark
14.4.2012Int VaasaINT-EX, placement 1Marit Sunde, Norway
15.5.2011Group ViitasaariJUN-EX, placement 1, QC, BB3Leila Kärkäs, Finland
9.3.2011Int VaasaJUN-EX, placement 1Gerry Hickey, Ireland