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C.I.B* C.I.E* FI & LT & LV CH EE & LT & LV & BALT JCH LTJW-17 LVW-17 FH1
Amazeme Bejeweled Queen
We are certainly going to do some obedience with Brie but only time will show how far we will be able to go.

Class Result Points Place Time Judge
Open II 250 Ikaalinen 6.7.2018 Juha Kurtti
Open II 252 Tampere 31.3.2018 Harri Laisi
Open II 245 Pieksämäki 17.3.2018 Erkki Shemeikka
Open II 231,5 Pieksämäki 6.1.2018 Erkki Shemeikka
Open 0 156 Laukaa 24.9.2017 Vesa Kallio
Beginner's I 174,5 Seinäjoki 11.3.2017 Juha Kurtti
Beginner's III 131 Pieksämäki 6.1.2017 Erkki Shemeikka