27.1.2023Breeding plans, Lyyli's, BO's, Junior's, Vala's, Neela's, Super's results and many other updates since March 2022
22.3.2022Brie's and Chili's agility results, Breeding plans, Litters
17.9.2020News, Super's, Chili's and Brie's rally-obedience results, Health results of L-litter, Super's, Kiia's, BO's, Vala's and Tuikku's show results, Litters, Brie's tracking results
6.3.2020News, Super's, Chili's, Siru's rally-obedience results, More health results of K- and J-litters, Siru's obedience results
21.2.2020News, BO's, Ronja's, Super's, Kiira's show results, Super's, Kiia's, Chili's and Siru's rally-obedience results, Flow's health results
1.12.2019News, BO's, Junior's, Super's, Mokka's and Siru's show results, Super's, Kiia's and Siru's rally-obedience results
30.9.2019News, Särmä's, Kiira's and BO's show results, Super's, Chili's and Kiia's rally-obedience results, Chili's agility results, Brie's tracking results, Senna's, Lynn's and Brie's obedience results
4.9.2019News, Särmä's, Lyyli's, BO's, Super's, Chili's and Kiira's show results, Chili's agility results, Chili's and Kiia's rally-obedience results, Health results of O- and J-litter
26.7.2019News, Särmä's, Lyyli's and Brie's show results, Chili's agility results
11.7.2019News, Health results of J- and O-litter, Super's rally-obedience results
30.6.2019News, Chili's, Brie's and Super's rally-obedience results, New Champions!, Brie's and Chili's agility results, BO's, Chili's, Super's, Kiia's, Brie's, Siru's, Ronja's, Särmä's and Lyyli's show results, W-litter's health results, Bono's and Selma's health results Martti's, Devil's and Molly's photos
12.4.2019News, Chili's and Super's rally-obedience results, Brie's agility results, BO's, Chili's and Lyyli's show results, W-litter's health results, Lyyli's, Kiira's, Pimu's, Sanelma's, Devil's and Ukko's photos
18.3.2019News, Chili's and Super's rally-obedience results, Chili's agility results, Kiia's and BO's show results, K-litter's page, Breeding plans
17.1.2019News, Chili's show and agility results, Meg's and Raina's show results, Some new healt results of D-litter, Wiima's and Velho's photos
20.12.2018News, Ronja's, Super's, Kiia's, Brie's and Chili's rally-obedience results, Särmä's, Niki's and Super's show results, Särmä's agility results
6.11.2018News, Ronja's rally-obedience results, Chili's obedience results, Särmä's, Niki's and Kiia's show results, Elli's agility results, Hippu's health results
21.10.2018News,Ronja's rally-obedience results, Chili's and Elli's obedience results, Särmä's agility results, Luna's and Molly's health results
29.9.2018News, Brie's, Chili's, Kiia's, Super's rally-obedience results, Elli's Finnish Character Test and obedience results, Chili's Finnish Character Test, Brie's tracking results, Champion, Breeding plans, Niki's photos
6.9.2018News, Chili's, Kiia's, Brie's, Super's, Elli's, and Särmä's show results, Brie's, Chili's, and Kiia's rally-obedience results, Brie's obedience results
3.8.2018News, Chili's, Kiia's, Brie's, Eikka's, Elli's, Luna's and Särmä's show results, Brie's rally-obedience, obedience, and tracking result, Chili's obedience and rallyobedience result
5.6.2018News, Chili's, Kiia's, Lynn's and Särmä's show results, Chili's working trial and obedience results, Siri's, Wiima's, Nala's and Velho's photos
19.5.2018News, Chili's obdedience results, Särmä's agility and show results
8.5.2018News, Puppies, Chili's, Brie's and Kiia's show results
3.5.2018News, Brie's and Senna's character test result, Brie's obedience result, Brie's, Eikka's, Chili's, Kiia's and Luna's show results, W-litter's own page, Super's rally-obedience results
3.2.2018News, Elli's agility results
23.1.2018News, Chili's, Brie's and Kiia's show results, Some photos of D-litter
19.1.2018News, Chili's, Kiia's, Särmä's, Ronja's and Super's show results, Health results of LP-litter and I-litter, Brie's obedience results
1.11.2017News, Chili's, Brie's, Eikka's and Super's show results
22.10.2017News, Chili's, Super's, Brie's, and Särmä's show results, Brie's tracking results (FH), Chili's obedience results
26.9.2017News, Chili's, Kiia's, Nancy's, Särmä's and Brie's show results, Champions, Chili's and Kiia's health results, Super's water rescue results
22.8.2017News, Chili's, Särmä's, Siru's, Senna's, Eikka's and Brie's show results, Champions, Super's water rescue results, Breeding plans
4.7.2017News, Chili's and Brie's show results, Champions
22.6.2017News, Chili's, Brie's, Super's and Eikka's show results, Super's tracking result, Lynn's obediene result
6.6.2017News, Chili's, Brie's, Super's, Eikka's, Lynn's and Särmä's show results
22.5.2017News, Chili's, Brie's and Särmä's show results, Puppies
2.5.2017News, Chili's show results
27.4.2017News, Eikka's', Brie's, Kiia's, and Super show results, Siru's obedience results, Super's rally-obedience results
29.3.2017News, Brie's, Kiia's, and Siru's show results
14.3.2017News, Brie's show results, Brie's obedience results, Ice-litter's health results
24.2.2017News, Brie's and Nancy's show results
24.2.2017News, Brie's and Nancy's show results
12.2.2017News, Brie's, Senna's, Siru's and Kiia's show results, B-litter's health results
26.1.2017News, Särmä's show results
19.1.2017News, Brie's, Raina's and Kiia's show results
9.1.2017Brie's obedience results, Senna's, Chili's and Brie's photos
4.1.2017News, Breeding plans
16.8.2016News, Siru's, Raina's, Meg's, Särmä's, Nancy's show results, Raina's rally obedience results, New photos of B-litter
11.7.2016News, Meg's, Nancy's and Siru's show results, New photos of Ice-litter
4.7.2016Nancy's and Siru's show results, Some new health results of A-litter
26.6.2016News, Super's, Kiia's, Siru's and Nancy's show results, Kiia's agility results
3.6.2016Elli's health results
31.5.2016News, Kiia's and Siru's show results, Kiia's agility results
16.5.2016News, Nancy's, Kiia's, Siru's, Eikka's and Lynn's show results, Super's and Lynn's obedience results
4.5.2016News, Siru's, Nancy's, Ronja's and Kiia's show results, Brie's health results, Super's obedience results, Co-owned boys
21.3.2016News, Breeding plans, I-litter, B-litter, Super's obedience results, Elli's show results, Lynn's show results
13.12.2015News, Kiia's, Super's, Ronja's and Nemo's show results
28.11.2015Bo's photos, Siru's and Super's show results
23.11.2015Lynn's health results
15.11.2015News, Breeding plans
3.11.2015News, Kiia's agility results, Super's and Siru's shhow results
6.10.2015News, Meg's and Mac's health results, Lynn's obedience results
15.9.2015News, Super's, Kiia's and Nancy's show results, Jäbä's health results, Taiger's, Lasse's, Lynn's, Fido's and Weeti's photos
7.9.2015News, Megin show results, Lenni's health results, Senna's page, Koda's photos
31.8.2015News, Meg's and Siru's show results
26.8.2015News, Hilla's show results, Kiia's agility results and Breeding plans
12.8.2015News, Meg's, Nemo's, Nana's, Nancy's, Super's and Raina's show results
4.8.2015News, Meg's and Mac's show results
31.7.2015News, Hilla's show results, Some E- and R-litter's health results and photos
14.7.2015News, Siru's show results, A-litter's page, Breeding plans
20.6.2015News, Some health results of R-litter, Rolf's, Siru's, Hilla's and Nancy's show results
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28.5.2015Uutiset, Kiia's obedience results, Siru's and Nana's show results
16.5.2015News, Kiia's obedience results
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19.3.2015News, Ronja's agility results and Kiia's obedience results
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1.6.2014Super's obedience results, News
27.5.2014A-litter was born!, News
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5.4.2014News, Nana's health results
30.3.2014News, Taiger's health results
23.3.2014News, breeding plans
16.3.2014Nemo's, Lasse's, Fido's, Nova's and Lova's photos
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