Amazeme Perfect Pink

Boys Girls
DOB 29.11.2019
Register number: FI11730/20
black and white, bitch
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Hips: A/B
Elbows: 0/0
Shoulders: healthy/healthy
Spine: LTV0
Eyes: clear as a puppy, distichiasis in Nov 2022
DNA tests: CEA (carrier), TNS, NCL, RS/DM, GG/GLAU, SN, MDR1, ICM & EOAD normal (Wisdom Panel)
Sire: Eikka
Dam: Brie
Owners: Marjo Halmiala and Aura Oikari, Jyväskylä

Finnish Character Test
13.8.2022Korpilahti153 p., secure to gun shots, passedReijo Hynynen and Jorma Kerkkä

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13.11.2022IDS JyväskyläCH-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB3, CACIBPauline Barclay, Australia
9.4.2022IDS VaasaOP-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB2, CAC, res-CACIBJaana Kummala, Finland
14.8.2021Group ÄänekoskiINT-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB3, CACHarto Stockmari, Finland
11.7.2021Nat.LaukaaINT-EXC, placement 1, CQTanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland
13.9.2020Group show JyväskyläJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB2, CACJuha Putkonen, Finland