G-litter C.I.E FIN & EE CH FI AG CH
Pikkupaimenen Golden Arrow
Boys Girls
Photo: Lea Pöyliö
Photo: Outi Toni
DOB 27.7.2005
Register number: FIN41665/05
ee-red, dog
Hips: C/C
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Height: 51 cm
Eyes: clear in 2007, 2009, distichiasis in 2012, gonioskopy affected
CEA, CL and TNS  clear by parentage
Muuta: normal bite, full dentition
Finnish Character Test: +185, secure to shots, passed
Agility: Finnish Agility Champion
Owners: Minna Räsänen and Sari Solanti
Photos: Sirpa Saari and Hanna Seppä