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Photo: Jaana Pajunen
Photo: Jaana Pajunen
DOB 25.6.2018
Register number: FI37164/18
black and white, bitch
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 18,5 kg
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Shoulders: OCD free
Spine: LTV1, VA0
Knees: 0/0
Eyes: clear as a puppy
CEA: normal by parentage
CL: normal by parentage
TNS: normal by parentage
Sire: Junior
Dam: Liz
Owners: Marjo Halmiala and Jaana Pajunen, Pori

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22.8.2021Group KauhavaOP-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOSMarjo Järventölä, Finland
31.7.2021IDS PoriOP-EXC, placement 3, CQ, BB4, RES-CACMari Lackman, Finland
25.1.2020IDS TurkuINT-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB3, CAC, RES-CACIBMaija Lehtonen, Finland
26.10.2019IDS SeinäjokiINT-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB4Karl Eddie Berge, Norway
10.8.2019Group NokiaJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOBMarianne Holm, Finland
6.7.2019NDS OrivesiJUN-EXC, placement 1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOBTarja Löfman, Finland
16.3.2019Group SeinäjokiBOB PuppyJari Laakso, Finland
9.2.2019Group KauhavaBOB PuppyTarja Löfman, Finland